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One of the main goals I had for this layout was that it would be computer controlled. I had never even built a DCC layout before and I had no idea what I was doing. I am a developer by trade and one thing that I have learned to avoid is a software environment that places limits on what you can accomplish. With that in mind, I looked at all the major software packages I could find and I chose Railroad & Co. TrainController Silver. There are choices available for what you use as your controller software and I recommend that you carefully evaluate those choices before you spend your money or invest much of your time in any of them. I made my choice based upon my desire to have controller software that placed as few limits on me as possible. You may have a different set of priorities or evaluate your choices differently than I, and thus choose different software than I did. That's fine, that's the way things are supposed to work.

This is how TrainController Silver looks on my screen.

In the above video the street car is running in Interlocking mode. It is going around the track, the software is choosing which turnouts to throw based upon occupancy. The test locomotive is sitting still in block O6 and the software safely routes the street car around the test locomotive. When there is a choice of which turnout to take, the software chooses in a random fashion. You can see the street car sometimes takes the outer track and then sometimes switches back to the inner track, but it always avoids the test loco.

With this video, I've added a Web Cam positioned at the upper left-hand corner of the layout so you can see that the software is doing a good job of tracking the location of the test loco. I've also placed the test loco's throttle window in the video so you can see the cursor movements as I change the speed of the loco.

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